Anna Buck flautist
dantesque silk ephos annime reflections salt


“O you with healthy intellects ponder
the doctrine concealed
beneath the veil of strange verses” (Inferno IX, 61-63)

A human voice reading passages from the Divine Comedy is transcribed,
with its speech rhythms and tunes, into sounds that become a sound journey,
utilizing Dante’s solid epic framework, linguistic variety and
numerical symbolism and drawing inspiration from the emotional atmospheres
created by the poet, a musical journey evoking the sorrowful discord of inferno,
the cathartic singing of purgatory, and the celestial polyphony of paradise,
where music is eternally interwoven with light.

“since here it is with singing one enters,
and down there with savage groans” (Purgatory XII, 113-114)

Anna Buck, flutes
Johannes Schneeberger, piano and composition
Federica Rosellini, recorded voice

supported by imagonirmia
copyright: anna buck 2018